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Mini Melts- Fairy Dust

Mini Melts- Fairy Dust

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Introducing our Fairy Dust, Mini Melts - the wax melts that fairy tales are made of! Pack a powerful fragrance punch with a little pinch of our 100% pure soy wax and high quality fragrance oil.

Our 80g tubs make it easy to sprinkle your melts just the way you like, adding a touch of sweetness to your home.

Just make sure not to overindulge, as these treats aren't edible - no matter how tempting the sweet bubble-gum, musk and vanilla with hints of candy floss aroma may be!

Mini Melts offers eco-friendly, vegan, and plastic-free indulgence that's sure to bring a bit of fairy dust to your day.



Soy candles are poured with wax that comes from soybean oil. This natural, vegetable-derived wax is biodegradable, made from a renewable resource, and easy to clean up with just soap and water. Compared to candles made with paraffin wax, a petroleum-based product, soy wax candles are considered healthier for you and the environment.

Care Instructions

The correct way to burn your candle.
Burn within sight

Always keep your candle on a dish.

Keep away from things that can catch fire.

Keep away from children.

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